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The Sea Hunter, Volcano Life, Gang Initiation + Miami Cocaine 🐠🌋👊🌴


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December 26 · Issue #37 · View online

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Hello Rocumentalists,
We’d like to kick off with an apology for hitting the mute button.  
It’s been unbelievably hectic over here in the build up to the holiday season. So regrettably, we’ve been unable to touch base in a while. Nevertheless, we hope you’ve had an excellent end to the year, so far.
To each and every new subscriber — thanks so much for joining the party and welcome aboard! 👊
In this special Boxing Day issue, we have four wonderful gifts lined up for your brain space.
Without further ado…

Jago: A Life Underwater ★★★★
The extraordinary story of Jago: an 80 year old harpoon hunter, who lives an near-possessionless life; catching fish on a single breath in the beautiful Indonesian sea. (48 mins)
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Amongst Fire ★★★★★ (Micro Doc)
The tale of the people of Indonesia, three quarters of which live within 100km of an active volcano. Cinematographer, Justin Pelletier and Creative Producer, Adam Maruniak beautifully document the locals’ unique relationship with these indomitable forces. (7 mins)
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Inside a Gang Initiation with the Silent Murder Crips ★★★★
VICE meet JT. A young man on the cusp of running the gauntlet of joining a Brooklyn branch of the Crips. (18 mins)
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Throwback: Cocaine Cowboys ★★★★
A gripping documentary classic from 2006, exploring the explosion of Miami’s cocaine-trafficking in the eighties. If you haven’t seen it already, you won’t be disappointed — it’s insane. (120 mins)
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