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Happy 2017, Ladies and Gentlemen.Over the holiday period, we experienced a new wave of subscribers to

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Happy 2017, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Over the holiday period, we experienced a new wave of subscribers to our little digest — Thank you for joining and welcome to the club, homies ✌️
Regular readers may have noticed a short pause since our last issue. We’re committed to delivering you the very best documentaries that we can find. In pursuit of quality > quantity, we’ve decided that we’d rather have a gap in our digest, than send you docs we don’t think are excellent. 
So if we’re ever quiet — fear not, we’re still here. We’re just working even harder behind the scenes.

Without further ado, let the games commence…

The Fallen of World War II [Micro Doc] ★★★★
“An excellent little animated micro documentary, giving insight into the cumulative number of deaths in war, and how the world is changing. Inspired by the work of the renowned cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker.” 
It appears the world is becoming safer — let’s keep it that way.
Watch it now on Vimeo

Waste = Food: Cradle to Cradle ★★★★
“Cradle to Cradle’ is an ingenious, forward-thinking design principle. The thought is that we can design systems to produce useful byproducts, instead of waste. This documentary explores the work of chemist, Michael Braungart and architect, William McDonough. By adopting the Cradle to Cradle principle in product and systems design, we can turn waste to food and create powerful circular ecosystems. Admittedly the film looks dated now, but the content feels especially relevant as the effect of mass production on our environment reaches fever pitch.”
Watch it now on Vimeo

Inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald ★★★★
“Sir Trevor McDonald meets the inmates incarcerated within Indiana State Prison. He talks to the people facing the death penalty, and explores the chain of events that led them there.”
Watch it now on ITV

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