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May 14 · Issue #25 · View online

Curated links to the very best documentaries

Squire from another shire,
We’re back after a brief intermission. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks over at Camp Roc,  but we’re making up for our radio silence by bringing you three excellent picks today.
From two interesting docs on America’s gun culture, to Grizzly Man: an incredible Werner Herzog film from 2006 that you may well have missed. 

Grizzly Man ★★★★★
Werner Herzog investigates the extraordinary life of Timothy Treadwell: a preservationist who spent thirteen summers, living amongst grizzly bears — unarmed. (104 mins)
Bear (ehem) in mind this film isn’t free. But it only costs £2.49 to rent, which really is a bargain for such an excellent documentary.
Watch it now on YouTube
Gun Nation ★★★★ [Micro Doc]
A documentary short exploring America’s deep-rooted obsession with guns. Zed Nelson a photographer who published a book — ‘Gun Nation’ 18 years ago, returns to speak with the iconic subjects featured within its bounds. The film elucidates a peculiar blend of confidence, indecision, paradox and hypocrisy. (29 mins)
Pro tip: Watch out for the segment about the armadillo 😮 
Watch it now on YouTube
I Shot My Parents ★★★★
In 2013, Nathan Brooks walked into his parents’ bedroom with a loaded gun and shot them while they were asleep. This film explores the extraordinary case and tries to establish why he did what he did. (59 mins)
Watch it now on BBC iPlayer
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