Dirty Cops & Life on a Little Boat 👮⛵️

You... You over there!Freeze! Stop what you're doing and put your hands against the wall.OK, you can

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February 26 · Issue #16 · View online
Curated links to the very best documentaries

You… You over there!
Freeze! Stop what you’re doing and put your hands against the wall.
OK, you can probably just sit down now and watch one of these awesome documentaries…
Shall we?

The Seven Five ★★★★★
A captivating documentary about a group of former NYPD officers, convicted when their reign of corruption was uncovered during 1980s to early 90s. Mike Dowd and his partners were said to be dirtier than the criminals they were supposed to be catching.

Watch it now on Netflix

Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat ★★★★★
A wonderful little micro documentary about David Welsford, a man who has chosen to live on a small boat. He explains how, despite the challenges, he doesn’t require much money and the beauty that can be found in a simple life.

Watch it now on Vimeo

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