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An Incredible Brain, From the Bronx to Yale + Isis 🤓🎓☠️


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May 28 · Issue #27 · View online

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Dearest human bean,
We hope this letter finds you well. 
If you’re based in the UK, we trust you’ve been enjoying the real beginning of summer ☀️. 
Apologies to those elsewhere in the world. You’ll have to excuse us, it’s a special treat for British people when the sun comes out. Yep, sort of a big deal. So it’s even more important that we mention the weather.
This week we bring you three more stunners — the first of which is a personal favourite of mine.
Let’s GO! 

The Boy with the Incredible Brain ★★★★★
Daniel Tammet is nothing short of extraordinary. He can perform seemingly impossible mathematical calculations in his head, beyond a standard calculator’s range of decimal places… 
Try doing 13 ÷ 97 in your head 🤔
Daniel can speak 9 languages, sees numbers as synesthetic landscapes and can recite Pi to 22,000 decimal places… the list goes on. In this classic documentary, Daniel meets the real Rain Man, and scientists test Daniel’s skills to try to understand how he can do what he does.
If you haven’t seen this documentary before, watch it. It’s honestly one of my personal favourites. 
Watch it now on YouTube (47mins)
Gun Nation ★★★★ [Micro Doc]
From the Bronx to Yale: The Power of High School 'Speech' ★★★★
The Weather Channel meet homeless people surviving the extreme conditions in Anchorage, Alaska. (20mins)
Watch it now on Vimeo
Speech is a form of competitive acting. This heartwarming documentary follows talented students from Democracy Prep school in South Bronx, where they compete against students from across the country at one of America’s most prestigious universities. 
Watch it now on Youtube (13 mins)
ISIS: The Origins of Violence ★★★★
Tom Holland explores the origins of Isis’s egregious violence. 
 Watch it now on Channel 4 (72 mins)
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