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A Deadly Weekend, 7 Personalities + Made in Iowa 🔫 👥 🏦


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August 6 · Issue #33 · View online

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Sup Roctometrists?
It’s that time again… 
This week we bring you a shocking documentary about the extent of the crime problem in modern day America, the story of a woman suspected to be suffering from an unusual mental health condition and the story of a small town who fell upon hard times.
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One Deadly Weekend in America ★★★★★
A fascinating documentary about a single July weekend in America. The film explores the details surrounding a number of crimes from shootings and the devastating effects of gun crime. (85 mins)
Watch it now on BBC iPlayer
The Woman with 7 Personalities ★★★★
A film investigating the unusual case of a woman suspected to be suffering from multiple personality disorder. An old friend rekindles their friendship. (47mins)
Watch Now on Netflix
Made in Iowa ★★★★
A micro doc about Webster City, a small town Iowa. In 2011, following the shutting down of a manufacturing plant, the town experienced a serious shift in the local economy. This is the story of how the locals reacted.  (12 mins)
Watch Now on Vimeo
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